The choir is under the over all oversight of Remera SDA Church being one of its church choirs. However, internally the choir is led by Mr Reuben Muvunyi (chairperson) and Mr.Kanimba John ( patron). They are assisted by other committee members. The choir also has pastors who take care the spiritual needs-pastors; Phodidas Ndamyumugabe and Olivier Kayitare.


On May 09, 2011 the choir was involved in a fatal accident which claimed 3 of our members and left 4 others serious injured. This happened in Tanzania where they had gone to participate in a gospel music show. Our brothers died for a noble cause. They died in action and their good deeds went with them. We shall never forget them. The deceased are Jim Gatare Ephraim(vice-chairperson and head coach for a long time ), Manzi Philbert and Amos Pharles(both production managers for a long time). The choir is what it is today largely due to the commitment and sacrifice of these heroes of faith. May God reward them for the good work done. We look forward for the beautiful resurrection morning when we shall be reunited with them for eternity.


Support comes from promoters, well-wishers but mainly from the active choir members(singers) who are always busy carrying out the ministry activities. They proudly and unreservedly participate in all activities and provide the required resources to run our  programmes both within and outside Rwanda.


Membership is free and open to all God-loving people of all nations kindred and tongue in keeping with the Bible.


Though singing is our core activity, we also deal in drama and performing arts with a Christian touch and style. The choir is involved in a wide range of outreach activities throughout the country and to a certain extent in neighboring countries both on church or lay activity support and initiative . Our major targets are the un reached areas eg.Byumba , prison houses where thousands of souls have been won to the Lord. Our Patron has invented a mobile baptistery dedicated but not limited to the prison ministry. Our activities are purely gospel oriented and nothing but God’s business. We are always at work and are always ready to go wherever the lord leads us. We have ministered in all the regions of Rwanda and to almost all neighboring countries.  We have managed to have 12 albums of our music properly recorded and distributed in this region and beyond. We have so far produced three video albums and another one will soon be out.

Special tribute to our dedicated and talented composer, producer, coach and organist Mr Sozzi Joram and family.

Without the support of friends, parents, lay gospel workers this ministry would not be where we are now. May God continue to bless their families and their endeavors.

But  most of all, special credit goes to all the active choir members for their total and unreserved commitment to duty and service for the Lord.