ambassadorsWelcome! The Ambassadors of Christ Choir (AOCC) aspires to invite all people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ through the gift of music.

We are a church choir affiliated to the Seventh-Day Adventist church of Remera, Kigali (Rwanda). We began this ministry in the year 1995 and hitherto we thank God who has seen us grow from very humble beginnings to a greater service that has taken us to many mission fields across the African continent.

We are Ambassadors chosen to proclaim the grace of Him who has called us from darkness to His marvelous light and our message in song goes to all nations and tongues.

We Want to Provide Opportunities For:

  • Worship: We present music to the world that exalts and praises God.
  • Service: We wing to evangelize and draw many to Christ
  • Fellowship: Uniting with Christ and the community
  • Growth: Nurturing our own members towards holistic maturity.