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    15 Days of Prayer

    Jesus challenged his disciples…that until now you have not prayed in my name. He indicated that PRAYER IS THE LIFE OF THE SOUL. it demonstrates our dependence on the help that only God can provide. The AOCC family just concluded a 15 days session of intercessory prayer. We prayed for

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    Our Prayers for the New Home

    Brother Jimmy, This Sunday was a memorable day in your life. We are happy for you and we pray that the good Lord may look upon you with favor. We thank God for your ministry at AOCC, and we pray that the Lord may continue using you and giving you more

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    I Visit You Every Year Because You Inspire Me

    Brother Odhiambo from Nairobi was at our rehearsal session last Friday. He was visiting us all the way from Nairobi and he said he always does every year. In his words he said… Am not Adventist, am catholic…am here because I believe God doesn’t have a specific label. He continued,