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    Tribute to Pastor Mpyisi

    Part of the weekend program was paying tribute to a veteran trooper, Pr Ezra Mpyisi…born in 1922 and served God for the last 60 years as a pastor across the African continent. People that have lived in Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe have been blest by the ministry of

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    I Have Returned to The God of My Fathers

    This was one of the best nights ever at the AOCC family. 3 of our sisters that have been missing out of action returned and pledged their allegiance to the Lamb. With tears of joy and hearty celebrations, the family welcomed back sisters Milly, Agnes and Christine. Theirs was not

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    Compassion Towards The Sick

    And Jesus said…I was hungry and you fed me, I was sick and you ministered to me…whatever you did for them that were in need, you did for me.”…. Today, we prepared food and served at the university hospital, the biggest hospital in the country. It is a humbling and