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    Support Church Construction at University of Rwanda: Nyagatare Campus

    Thousands of people flocked on the open grounds of this campus in the Eastern province. They had come surrounding regions, some had even come from as far as Uganda and Burundi.   They heard Ambassadors of Christ was coming to support this noble project. Many came and shared testimonies and

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    Strong winds blew, I thought some of our sisters would be carried away by the wind, some of us stood to support some of them. We continued with the singing as thousands of people gathered in the open space. After the winds, then came the rain, the crowds dispersed, but

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    Prayer & Bible Study Session

    Pastor Mpyisi led us through a discussion of Gods word, pointing out a need to know God and who He is to us, and when this relationship transforms us…then we will have reason to sing. Part of the program also entailed presenting varied requests to God in prayer. Just like