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    Prayer & Bible Study Session

    Pastor Mpyisi led us through a discussion of Gods word, pointing out a need to know God and who He is to us, and when this relationship transforms us…then we will have reason to sing. Part of the program also entailed presenting varied requests to God in prayer. Just like

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    Campus Ministries at APACE

    The AOCC was privileged to minister at APACE secondary school for a Friday evening vespers. The sermon for the day was, There are 3 songs…which one are u going to sing? The message dived into the reality of the return of Christ and how the faithful will have waited for

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    Happy Birthday Manzi

    Enjoy the gift of life brother Nelson, and pray for more wisdom to learn to count your days. We wish you the very best and greater days ahead. Love Jesus more and keep serving Jesus. The AOCC family wishes you the very best.